Maui Ice and Resist Dyeing

I will be teaching two techniques; Ice Dyeing and Resist Dyeing. Because Ice Dyeing requires a 24-hour 'rest' while the ice melts, this class will be done over 2 days, since we must wait for the ice to melt. There will be two available time slots - 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon. You must choose one slot and come at that time on both days to make sure everyone gets their work completed.

On Day One, we'll prepare our Ice Dye fabric, apply the ice and dye, cover and wait. While we're waiting, we will sun dye a fat quarter in a pastel, then learn how to create a resist drawing on it.

On Day Two, we will uncover our Ice Dyed fabric and rinse out the excess dye. Once that is done, we'll overdye our resist drawings.

Class Fee includes: 1 yard of 100% cotton sateen fabric already prepared for Ice Dyeing, 1 fat quarter of 100% cotton sateen for resist dyeing, all dyes and resists, and a few ideas for your resist design. Additional prepared fabric will also be available at $11.00 per yard. You can order as much additional fabric as you wish.

Things to bring: You must bring a large bag of ice (1-3 lbs. for each yard of fabric, roughly), but all other supplies should be set for you. If you have a sensitivity to latex or powder, please bring your own gloves. Be sure to wear clothes that can withstand dye.

This is an outdoor classplease bring a hat, wear sunblock and bring something to drink, and snacks if you wish.

- $60.00 Class Fee

Additional Fabric:

- $12.00/yd - Cotton Fabric

- $19.00/yd - Silk/Cotton Blend Fabric

- Silk Ribbon (select size)

Maui Sun Dyes

Experiment with color by combining the power of the sun with Pebeo's Setacolor Paint and Inkodye! Together, we'll create beautiful fabrics. In addition to the Setacolor and Inkodye, we'll also enhance our creations with Lumiere's metallic and pearlized paints, as well as glitter shellac.

Class will be from 9:00a.m. till about 1:00p.m., and will be held outdoors. Please wear clothes that you won't mind getting the paints on. PAINTS ARE PERMANENT. I also recommend that you bring a plastic drop cloth for your work. (you can lay the fabric on the grass while it sits in the sun, but I prefer to keep my work from getting soiled by laying the 'work in progress' on a plastic sheet. Everything else will be provided.

Optional - bring items that create interesting shadows, such as beads, leafs, branches, shells. . .

Bring a snack and something to drink, and don't forget your sunblock!

CLass length - 4-5 hours

Experience - None required

Kit Fee - $15.00 - Kit includes 4 Fat Quarters of various ready to dye fabrics, all necessary paints, brushes, etc, rubber gloves.

Additional fabric will be available for sale, or you can bring extra fabric to the class.

Minimum 6 students, maximum 20 students

My Patterns

I would be delighted to teach any of my patterns for your group. Please contact me regarding availability.

Class length - 6-8 hours or two 3-4 hour sessions

Experience- All of my patterns are designed for Beginner to Intermediate Quilters - Must be able to confidently sew an accurate 1/4" seam.

Minimum 8 students, maximum 25 students

Contemporary Island Style Applique

If you look closely at the samples above, you'll see that they are not needle-turn applique. Turn the class into a day long seminar, detailing a variety of ways to complete these beautiful designs by machine. By the end of the day, you will have your piece nearly finished.

Class length - 6-8 hours

Experience - Beginner. As long as you are comfortable sewing on a machine, you can learn this technique!

Minimum 8 students, maximum 30 students

Shops/Guilds - Would you like to have me teach for you? Please Contact Me for more information about my travel schedule.

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