Contemporary Island Style Applique

I've been busy making new hand dyes, and of course that always gets my creativity in gear. I've designed three new Contemporary Island Style Applique patterns. We quilters are a busy lot, and I've gotten countless requests to incorporate a machine applique technique. All of these patterns now use a contemporary, fusible applique method!

Traditional Hawaiian Needleturn Applique

For all the traditionalists out there - not to worry - you can still receive instructions from me on how to do traditional Hawaiian Needleturn Applique. If you'd like a .pdf of the traditional instructions, click HERE to receive the file.

Patterns - $10.00 - Choose your pattern from the pictures below.

Hibiscus Monstera Laua'e Fern

Swiss Cheese Monstera Plumeria - 2 Designs, 1 Pattern

Christmas Tree

Looking for a flexible, sharp needle for needleturn applique? This may be the needle for you! Made in England, these high quality needles are very thin and easy to hold for any hand applique method. I even hand-quilt with them! Each package contains 12 needles.

- Christmas Tree Bells & Stars - $12.00 - This includes 100 bells & 8 stars to decorate your Christmas Trees.

Hawaiian Applique #10 Needles - $3.00

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