Contemporary Island Style Class Kit

Kits - $35.00 – Includes 1 pattern (photos of all designs below), 1 Hand-dyed Fat Quarter, 5/8 yd 100% cotton sateen background fabric (enough for the front and back of a pillow), 18” square muslin, 18” square batting, fusible web, thread to match FQ.

Additional kits, patterns and hand dyed fabric will be available at class.

When you place your order, indicate the color preference you have for your hand dyed FQ. Because of the nature of hand dyed fabric, not all colors will be an exact match, and no two pieces are identical.

Patterns - $10.00 - If you'd rather select your own fabric, just choose your pattern from the pictures below.

Christmas Tree Bells & Stars - $12.00 - This includes 100 bells & 8 stars to decorate your Christmas Trees.

Christmas Tree Hibiscus Laua'e Fern

Monstera Plumeria - 2 Designs, 1 Pattern Swiss Cheese Monstera

Panel Passion Class/Lecture

$27.95 - Pre-Order your copy of Panel Passion today!