Hand Dyeing


SolarFast, created by Jacquard, is an exciting new option for those of us that love to play with creating our own fabric. It's easy to work with, cleans up with water, and you can make awesome photosensitive fabric. The pic on the left below shows an enlarged negative laid over fabric with SolarFast applied. About 15-20 minutes later, the negative is removed, and the imprint of the negative is imprinted on the fabric!

Not only can you imprint negatives, you can use SolarFast like any other photosensitive dye to create fascinating fabric! Stop back shortly for instructions on how to create your own Solar Ombres. . .

Sun Dye Classes

Sun Dyeing is a fun and easy way to create your own unique quilt fabric, lace or silk ribbon.

One of the students paints her fabric before laying it in the sun.

After painting, fabric was laid out in the sun, and a variety of items was put on top of the fabric to create interesting designs. After the fabric was dry, and the sun effect was achieved, the fabric was ready for heat setting and washing.

Completed sun dyes hung out to dry.

Come and play - I'll see you in class!

Interested in Sun Dyeing? I'd be happy to schedule a class for you and your group. Contact me for more information.

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