Creating Lights & Magic Quilts

Bring your quilt designs into the 21st Century by incorporating a light show! Learn about the exodus of Wearable Electronics and how to work with these easy electronic devices to create your own. Thanks to the creative minds behind the programming of these microcomputers, there is almost no programming necessary other than selecting the timing and colors for your light show.

Panel Passion

We love those panel prints, but just adding a few borders can be a boring quilt. Learn the techniques I incorporated in my book, Panel Passion, to embellish or slice up those panels to make an original design that you'll be proud to display.

Attendees - Bring your panels and we'll come up with ideas you can use!

Hawaiian Quilting & Contemporary Island Applique

Learn about the history of Hawaiian Applique, as well as new trends and techniques that bring this historic art form forward to the 21st Century. This look at the past will inspire you to think 'outside the box' and transform these classics into something fresh and new.

Hand Dying Fabric

Learn about a variety of easy techniques for hand dyeing fabric, and how the fabric you start with effects your results.

I Bought this Fabric - Now what do I DO with it?!?

- OR - No Fabric is Too Ugly if you Cut it SMALL Enough

For anyone that loves fabric. Learn ideas on how to show off your fabric to it's best attributes - even those uglies we all have at the bottom of our stash. Look at different ideas for your quilt design, letting the fabric work for you. We'll talk about color theory, and how to look at your fabric in a whole new way!

Attendees -

Bring a fabric you love, but can't decide how to use, a fabric you hate and wish you could get rid of, and several fat quarters of your 'old stand-bys' to mix and match and create combinations you never thought of, but love!

Shops & Guilds -

I recommend that you offer Joen Wolfrom's 3-in-1 Color Tool for sale prior to or at the class.

I'd love to teach for your Shop or Guild! Please Contact Me for more information about my travel schedule.

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