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Ice & Paisley

This quilt was so much fun to create! Mark Hordyzynski, fabric designer for Michael Miller Fabrics, challenged me to hand dye several of the fabrics from his Graphyx and Mirror Ball Dot lines. The results were quite striking. I played with a simple block design and incorporated Michael Miller's Jet Black, then played with several metallic threads from Superior Thread. To soften the stark geometry of the piecing, I quilted the solid black with a series of paisleys, which were embellished with beads, sequins and hot fix gems.

This quilt was entered in MQX East and also in Quilt Expo.

I learned a valuable lesson with this quilt. Always, ALWAYS, prestest products that you will be using for marking your quilt designs. I used a Clover white marker on the black fabric to mark out my paisley design. The marking pen was meant to be removed with a hot iron, but instead of pressing out the markings (I was concerned about the heat on the metallic thread, sequins and beads) I used Sew Clean. Apparently the combination of the Sew Clean with the my design made the markings permanent. As you can see from the detail photo below, the marks are a permanent part of the quilt. From now on, I promise to test before I use a product on a show entry!

2013 MQX Entry - Buddha's Dream

I'm really excited about this quilt. I hand dyed, then overdyed a resist drawing of Buddha. I then quilted this as a separate mini-quilt that was then attached to the background . The background is a tone on tone block design, with a unique quilting motif in each section. After completing the quilting, I couched a braid of multiple yarns and silk ribbons to create the vine, appliqued on the gingko leaves (they're 3-dimensional), and added beads and hot fix gems all over! This quilt was so much fun to make, and entering it in MQX was a great learning experience.

2011 Hoffman Challenge Entry

I modified one of the patterns from my book, Panel Passion, for the Hoffman Challenge. I learned a valuable lesson when making this quilt. As you can see from the detail shots, I heavily quilted the two large triangle pieces that are the challenge fabric.

Dinky Doku - 2009 Entry

The quilting 'pulled' the quilt out of square, making it bunch up, and it hung wavy and uneven at the bottom. Because I finished my quilting on the last possible day to get this out in the mail for the Challenge, I didn't have time to block it. So, because of my own procrastination, this quilt was rejected by the judges.

Each of the 81 numbers are actually separate Inchie quilts, attached to the background with Velcro brand hook and loop tape, so the puzzle can actually be worked. This is my second entry in the Hoffman Challenge, and I'm so proud to report that both have been accepted for the traveling show.

˜Struttin' in the Garden - 2008 Entry

This is the first quilt I have ever entered in any kind of show. I was so excited when I received word that it was accepted for the 2008 travelling show! This quilt is now back safe at home, happily hanging in my living room.

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