Wearable Electronics

Wearable Electronics are the latest development in tiny computers. To add a light show, we use sewable NeoPixels (teeny tiny LEDs specifically designed for wearables), connected to a computer about the size of a silver Dollar, and a battery pack. The circuit is completed by using stainless steel thread rather than wire, which makes the circuit flexible - and washable! Here's my first simple electronics circuit.

Click here to see a short Christmas Tree Video

Adafruit Flora Wall Hanging Kit

What’s Included:

1 - Adafruit Flora

5 - NeoPixels

1 - Bobbin of Stainless Steel Thread (~10m)

1 - 3xAA Battery Holder w/on-off Switch

3 - AA Batteries

1 - Mini-B USB Cable

1 - Hand Sewing Needle

All Fabric, MistyFuse & batting necessary for project

Pattern for both a Christmas Tree and Wreath

Learn how to sew a NeoPixel circuit using stainless steel thread. The Flora is will be pre-programmed with a simple light show, that you can customize on your own.

Adafruit Flora

- $75.00

Wall Hanging - Light Show Program

Your Flora is provided with the light show already programmed in. I'm attaching the program file here, so if you want to edit the program to make the NeoPixels behave differently, you can!


For more information on using Adafruit Flora, or to learn more about programming this device, go to:

Adafruit - Getting Started with Flora

Want to take a class?

I'll be teaching a class on using Wearable Electronics here on Maui very soon. If you want to participate, please Contact Me, and let me know the days of the week and times that work best for you.

Next up will be some more sophisticated designs, including a light-changing purse!

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